List of Top 9 Fruits That Can Increase Sperm Count Fast


List of Top 10 Fruits That Can Increase Sperm Count Fast

Sperm quality is one of the main factors affecting fertility. Like any other part of the human body, the reproductive system depends on the nutrients and vitamins that are given to it. Diet can positively affect a person's reproductive health. It can increase testosterone production, thereby increasing sperm count as well as sperm motility and quality.

 Foods that can increase sperm count


List of Top 10 Fruits That Can Increase Sperm Count Fast

There are many foods that can increase sperm count and some of them are listed below:




The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds quercetin and resveratrol are found in all tomatoes. They improve sperm health, quantity and motility. A small serving of fruit can be enjoyed daily in a smoothie or sprinkled over yogurt.





The antioxidant content of the superfood is high. As a result, testosterone levels and sperm quality increase, and studies show that sexual desire increases. The Delhi Institute of Infertility says that pomegranate seeds can be consumed raw or in the form of juice daily and are believed to improve libido. 





Bromelain, an enzyme found in bananas, regulates the production of hormones in the gonads. Bananas are a good source of energy for sperm production because they contain vitamins A, B1 and C. 





Whether eaten whole, sliced, juiced or pickled, oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C. As Delhi Male Infertility Clinic suggests, the many positive effects of vitamin C on human health include: improving immunity , preventing cell damage and increasing sperm count. . in boys. 

Goji tomatoes

Nature has blessed everyone with goji berries, an Indian food that improves sperm count. Due to its effect on the environment and temperature, goji tomato provides a good environment for the generation of sperm in the scrotum. Also, it contains antioxidants that increase sperm motility and fertility.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwis are delicious and healthy. Kiwi contains more vitamin E and C than many other popular fruits. In addition, C and E have been shown to improve sperm health and count. Guava
Hot guava fruit contains the highest amount of vitamin C of any fruit. According to Male Fertility Clinic Delhi, Vitamin C is a very effective antioxidant and has been shown to improve sperm motility, mouth and morphology.

Pumpkin plant seed

Antioxidants, essential amino acids and phytosterols are present in it and have been shown to improve sperm quality in men. In addition, scientists have found that they increase testosterone levels, sperm count, motility and strength in the blood. Unsweetened pumpkin seeds are a healthy addition to a variety of foods, including salads, cereals, and smoothies.


Omega-3 fatty acids are rich in nuts. Men aged 21 to 35 should eat 75 grams of coconut per day, which improves sperm viability, morphology and motility. The Fertility Clinic in Delhi suggests that the seeds are a garnish for salads or can be eaten on their own. 


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