What is snail farming

 What is snail farming?

 Helicculture (snail farming) involves raising edible land snails for human or industrial consumption. People eat both snail meat and eggs (white caviar) 

9 benefits of raising snails at home 

1. Other than crops, snail farms are silent. There is no other animal that you can keep on the farm as cool as snails.

2. Snail droppings do not smell. It has nothing to do with what you get from a pig or poultry house. You can keep the snail near or in the habitat.

3. The meat is not only tasty, but also rich in protein, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

4. Because it contains less cholesterol, fat and sodium, it is good for people with heart problems and a better replacement for red meat.

5. The snail farming business has strong market potential.

6. They are also used to make jewelry and other leather goods.

7. Possible health benefits of lysine (found in snails) include reducing and eliminating cold sores and preventing symptoms of lysine deficiency.

8. Arginine is also found in snails and helps maintain immune system and hormones, relaxes and relaxes muscles, promotes healthy kidney function, helps hand to heal wounds.

Steps to Start a Snail Farming Business

Here are steps anyone can take to start a snail farming business

1. The right place

Find the right place that should be good for snail breeding. Generally speaking, snails need water all the time and if they dry out, they can die. So you should get a place where there is water and not too much air because too much air can cause dehydration. Therefore, it is advisable to build a snail farm in an environment protected from the wind.

 2. Prepare your business plan

A business plan is important because it clearly states what you will do over time. For example, it breaks down how much it will cost you to start a snail trading business, the number of your operations, the planning requirements, the salary of your employees, if any, the sales plan, etc. Without a business plan, it is difficult for you to know, for example, how much it will cost to start a snail business, especially if you will do it on a large scale, since you will have to borrow money and is even your market, and the profit you expect. 

3. Choose the right soil for farming

The selected soil must contain certain chemical elements necessary for the survival of snails. If necessary, have the soil tested by a professional before starting your snail farm. The soil must be suitable to allow the snail to absorb calcium, drink water and lay eggs. In order to farm well, you have to choose the soil where everything is necessary for the snail to survive.

 4. Get an amount you can handle

You can make an effort to find snails in the field as it is always good because they can adapt to a new environment more than you can find enough for commercial farming , it is advisable to buy from the market. or farm. However, if you decide to choose your garden, you can follow a simple procedure. During the rainy season, you can clear a part of your garden and sprinkle it with aromatic seeds to attract snails. These fruits can include: banana, papaya, plantain, pineapple, etc. Do it at night and come back at night, after three hours you will be surprised how many snails you can find in your garden. Repeat the process every day and in different places, if luck is on your side, you will have enough to start your snail trading business. This is very useful in the process of snail farming, to collect fresh snails. 

5. Snail House (Snailerie)

Here, you raise your snails from the farm or use the intensive method, that is, you build a key, use a tank or even a drum. This is recommended to keep a close eye on the snails, so they don't escape or get attacked by reptiles or even insects. However, you want to build it. Cover it with gauze to protect the snails from damage and prevent them from escaping. You can manage snail farming at home, just build a snail house near your house as long as the soil is good.

 6. Choosing snails for your farm

    Pond snail

    Apple snail

    Sulawesi snail

    Sebra Nerite snail

    Tracked Nerite snail

    Horned Nerite snail

For breeding purposes, it is important to start with the Ghana gaint snail or tiger gaint land snail (known as Achatina Achatina snail). It is also important to buy a heavy, strong and sexually mature blade.

 7. How to fish your snails

Raising snails is not cheap even if you buy them from the market. Snails eat fruits and vegetables found everywhere like papaya, cucumber, cabbage, guava, banana, sweet potato, cassava tuber, maize, tomato, taro, etc. trees and leaves.

8. Manage your snails

Good management means that you feed them on time, give them clean water, and clean the food and water frequently. If you eat snail food in season and give it a good environment, it rarely gets sick, so the risk of losing it is less than in other farms.

9. Raising snails

Sexually competent people should not fertilize themselves regardless of whether they are male or female. Snails lay their eggs in plants and the eggs hatch between four and six weeks. Baby snails and adults should be separated to give them a chance to grow. It can take them 18 months to 2 years to mature

 10. Harvest

When the snails grow, take them and sell them. Don't collect them all and keep a few so they can spawn other snails.

 11. Trading

Don't worry about your business is the arrangement you should have made since you started. The arrangement is to contact hotels, restaurants, hotels and shopping. If you communicate well in advance, it will be easier to sell your snail.


The beauty of snail farming is its low budget and low cost. Health benefits are another reason why the demand for snails will rise.

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