How to Get rid of Mushrooms in Your Yard

How to Get rid of Mushrooms in Your Yard

What are mushrooms?

There are fungi that cause mushroom, also called toadstools, in humid areas. There are many types of mushrooms, and most of them have a cap and gills grow under the cap. These caps are the fruit part of the mushroom. Some mushrooms also have stems, but not all. Some mushrooms are useful and edible, but there are also poisonous mushrooms. 

What causes Mushroom?

New mushroom grow in moist, warm areas, especially when these conditions last for a long time, such as in over watered gardens or poor drainage. Once established,mushroom release spores, which lead to the growth of other mushroom.
Mushrooms also like shade and grow under tree branches or around tree roots. You may also find fungi in animal waste, compost waste, organic matter, or other rotting or decomposing material, such as dead grass and it is even mulch.

Finding fungus in your garden may indicate that your lawn is unhealthy. Mushrooms originate from underground fungi and only grow into mushrooms when the conditions are right. A large amount of grass (dead grass that is pressed on top) can become food for them, thus sustaining their life. Finally, proper lawn care, aeration, and timely disposal of weeds can help prevent mushroom from appearing.

How to Get rid of Mushrooms in Your Yard

When to get rid of lawn mushroom

Mushrooms are not harmful in themselves and can be beneficial to plants in many situations. As fungi feed on decaying plants, they break down the material, making food available for plants. your grass.  But some people have very good reasons to want to get rid of mushrooms growing on the lawn: 

• They are considered negative, especially if you are preparing your property for the real estate market.

• Some mushrooms are edible (seek expert advice on edible species), while others are poisonous plants,

 Toxic Mushrooms. Alderleaf Wilderness College.

which can be a problem if children and pets play in your lawn. • Some mushrooms even smell bad, a famous example is the so-called "stinking horns."

• Lawn thatch

• Old tree stumps that are not completely rotten 

Mushrooms are the only visible reproduction of this underground fungus. Their purpose is to produce spores that can help the plant to spread further.

 What you will need 

Equipment / Tools

• Small shovel
• spray bottle
• lawn aeration
• Rain barrel (if necessary)
• Shears 


• Plastic bag
• Mild soap and water solution
• Make a section for the drain and gutter (if necessary)

How to get rid of existing Mushrooms

A mushroom's job is to release its spores, so it's best to pick and remove them before they can release their spores. This method will not solve the problem (because the underground fungi will survive), but at least it will reduce the production of fungi in the future. 

1. Remove the mushrooms

Pull or dig out as much as possible (don't just rip off the mushroom head). 

2. Tie them up

o Quickly place the neck in a plastic bag so that movement does not spread any spores. o Seal the bag tightly to prevent air leakage.

3. Use a dish soap solution

sprinkle a few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with water where you removed the mushroom; Dish soap works as a mild fungicide.


Vinegar can also be used as another natural way to get rid of fungus. Use horticultural vinegar diluted in water in a spray bottle and spray the mushroom thoroughly. Let the mushroom die or you can dig, remove and spray again where the fungus came from for added prevention. Wear gloves and protective clothing to protect your skin when using this vinegar.

How to stop mushrooms from growing

If you want to prevent the growth of mushroom, you can do something on your own. The main reasons for the appearance of grass mushroom include poor drainage, lack of nutrients, too many spots of shade and decaying materials left on the surface of the grass.

1. Create good drainage

The presence of mushroom may mean that the soil under your lawn is not draining properly. Poor water quality leads to overwatering conditions, which can lead to plant diseases and fungal infections. Besides fungus, you'll know you have a drainage problem when you see small pools and muddy areas around your lawn. 

Drainage problems can be manifested in many terms, such as flat terrain, affected land, blocked drains or blocked roads, for example. Some solutions allow you to improve your soil and water quality or allow you to collect and collect excess water.
To reduce watering problems in your yard, try the following:


  •  Move or extend the landing area.
  •  Clear gutters cause flooding to help distribute water evenly throughout the garden.
  • Capture rainwater to reduce water distribution by creating rain gardens, rain ponds or storm drains. 
  • If there is a lot of flooding, manually install a French drain or create a swale or dry creek bed.


2. Aerate your Lawn

Your lawn mower can work in tough conditions. Aeration allows water and nutrients to move into your soil instead of remaining on top of the grass. You can rent equipment from a rental house since you won't need adequate air conditioning throughout the year to get the equipment.

3. Encourage sunlight

Mushrooms like dark, moist places, so having plenty of shade promotes their growth. To reduce this problem, trim tall trees and bushes to let sunlight into your lawn. You can take down different small trees to make changes, and for large trees, hire professionals.

4.Maintain your lawn

Coping with the presence of harmful substances is a matter of hygiene. If you consider yourself to be "pure white," then this step is for you. You won't be able to remove all harmful substances from your lawn (or you won't want to), but a serious effort to keep the lawn clean can make a difference in the long run. Consider these steps: 

  •   Remove dead leaves and weeds in the fall (or remove them with a leaf blower).
  •   Keep your brush running.
  • Remove completely the old tree stumps, as they give a clear invitation still like their different systems.

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