Companion Plants for Okra

10 Companion Plants for Okra

Vegetables like okra are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, making them a great addition to the garden. But it is difficult to get these benefits if your plants are not producing well. Sometimes this happens because of pollination problems, pests and lack of nutrients.

Fortunately, companion planting can solve these problems for you!
Keep reading to find the best companion plants to plant next to okra plants to get the most out of them! 


Companion Plants for Okra

What is companion plants:
Companion plants are actually plants that can help boost crop production. Planting certain species next to each other can help control pests, help spread nutrients, and encourage pollination. Organic weeding improves your garden without the use of chemicals.
Consider using these plants to grow okra for the best production!

Fruits and Vegetables Companion plant for Okra 

1. Cucumbers


Although cucumbers are a delicious and warming snack, they can also do wonders for your okra plant! This vegetable is a vine, therefore, it grows on the ground or up trellises if you give them.

This ground cover, or high trellis cover, provides good shade to the roots of the surrounding plants. This shade protects the soil, traps water and prevents weeds from spreading.

Along with this, cucumber plants make good plants for okra because they have similar needs. Both enjoy full sun and require about an inch of water per week.

 2. Hot peppers

Hot peppers

 Common okra pests include aphids, spider mites, mealybugs and other types of insects. But a simple and easy way to stop them is to plant a hot pepper plant nearby.
Hot peppers can make great herbs for okra because they contain capsaicin. This is the natural thing that causes the burning and painful sensation we get from eating hot peppers. And it's a perfect natural insect repellent!
Mixing it with hot pepper will help keep insects away from your okra plant. Many animals despise capsaicin, so you can expect to keep deer, rabbits, and other animals out of your yard. With this natural deterrent, there will be less nibbling on your okra plant!

 3. Peas


Did you know that growing peas in your garden can help with nitrogen fixation? Pea plants use this process to convert nitrogen into nitrogen compounds that can be absorbed by the roots, such as ammonia. This leads to the diffusion of nitrogen into the surrounding soil, which can benefit other plants in your garden. This is why peas are a good companion plant for okra!
Nitrogen is an essential element that all plants need to grow well. This is why many fertilizers contain it as a main ingredient. So, by using pea plants as companion plants for okra, you can help increase productivity.

 4. Cantaloupe


Like okra, the cantaloupe plant loves the sun and needs full sunlight. They also require about the same amount of water as okra plants. Their needs are very similar, which makes caring for them very easy. 

Cantaloupe also makes a great companion plant for okra because its structure grows on the ground rather than up. It will cover any gaps around your growing okra plant, which will lock in soil moisture and prevent rot. 

Herb Companion Plants for Okra 

 5. Basil


Planting basil is great for adding a strong flavor to your food and keeping insects away from your okra plant! If you've grown basil in your garden, you're probably familiar with its smell. As humans, we love this fragrance. But bugs are not his favorite fans. Especially flies and beetles. Basil is one of the best herbs for okra because of its insect repellent properties. 

Another good thing is that the basil plant will produce flowers. These small clusters of white flowers will attract all kinds of pollinators such as butterflies and bees. Here comes a better chance of getting a higher return!

 6. Sage



Sage is another aromatic herb that has repellent properties, making it a great companion herb for okra. Since, flies, moths and even snails often hate its smell. This plant can give you benefits, because it repels mosquitoes. 

If you allow the sage to grow to its full potential, it will form a large bush that resembles its shape. This means it will provide more ground cover around your okra plant and prevent weeds from growing. You will also notice that this plant produces purple and blue flowers. Not only are they pretty to look at, but many pollinators will stop too!

7. Oregano


Planting oregano as a companion for okra will keep off beetle, moths and mosquitoes away. Like other herbs, the strong smell acts as a deterrent or repellent to this insects. So you will see little or no damage to your okra leaves. 

Oregano also tends to grow closer to the ground than other plants. This practice helps to increase the space and cover the unsightly areas, making the grass less. And the best part is that this herb is a perennial plant. So it will come back on itself every year, can save you money and make it easier to plant next year!


Flowering Companion Plant for Okra

8. Marigolds 


 Flowers like marigolds can be a beautiful addition to your garden, but they also provide insect repellent! These flowers have a sweet smell that tends to repel insects such as tomato worms, squash bugs, nematodes, and mosquitoes. Rabbits also hate the smell. So, using marigolds as a companion plant for okra means a healthy, no-nonsense okra plant for you!
Along with this, sun-loving blooms will attract all kinds of pollinators to your garden. They are bright, brightly colored and large in size. Hopefully this will improve your okra seeds as pollination takes place.

9. Coneflowers


 Coneflowers are excellent drought tolerant plants that make excellent companion plants for okra. Their purple color and nectar-rich nature are very attractive to local pollinators, helping to increase pollination rates. 

These flowers will also grow up to four feet tall, providing some shade to the surrounding soil. Once your coneflowers reach their full potential, you should see little weed due to this.

 10. Sunflowers 



If high yield is your concern with your okra plant, then sunflowers are the way to go. Sunflower flowers are large and bright yellow, which is a great welcome for bees and other pollinators. These flowers are hard to miss!
These flowers also make good companion plants for okra because of their love for the sun. So plant them and your okra in a sunny spot, and both plants will do well!

Plants that make bad Companion for Okra
Not all plants make good friendly plants for okra. Here are some plants to avoid. 

 1. Squash


 Placing squash next to your okra plant can cause a nutrient deficiency, causing your okra plant to weaken. They are also aggressive grower, causing them to cover and almost suffocate your okra plant.

2. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Although sweet potatoes may taste good, they can damage your okra soil. These vegetables attract nematodes, which leads to the damage of okra roots. They like to feed on the root system, which can make your plant more susceptible to disease.

3. Strawberries


You should not grow strawberries and okra plants in the same bed, because these fruits attract insects. Their sweet smell and taste invite insects and animals to enter your garden and wreak havoc. They are also aggressive growers that can take over your okra plant.

Combining crops with okra is a perfectly natural way to increase crop production. Whether you need high yields, additional nutrients, or pest control, the companion okra plant is your answer. So, take a look at the options above and start planting to make your garden healthy!


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