Naked neck chicken - characteristics, origin, Breed information and lifespan

Naked neck chicken - characteristics, origin, Breed information and lifespan

 If you are looking for a robust chicken that produces good meat for your backyard chicken, then you should consider bare neck chickens.
This type of chicken fulfills all these requirements and there is much to learn about them. In this article, I explain their features and other things that make them different.
You will also find some strong reasons why you should choose naked neck chickens.

What is naked neck chicken?



Just as the name suggests, the naked chicken is a special type of chicken that does not actually have feathers on its neck.
Just like turkey. This unusual and unique is something that you will see easily at first glance.
This also makes them different from all other types of chickens. Bare-necked chickens are very purposeful birds.
Perfect for meat and egg production. They are very attractive and friendly. Having too much energy for food.

 What is the origin and the history of the naked necked chickens?

 Neckless chickens are believed to have originated in Transylvania. A country in Romania. But it was in Germany that it was most developed. They are rare in the United States but are common in Europe and distributed in South America.

 Interestingly, because of this chicken's appearance, there is a well-known myth that the bare-necked chicken is a cross between a chicken and a turkey. This is actually where the name "Turken" or "churkey" comes from.
 However, the UK has resolved this issue. This myth has been proven false.
This "naked neck" is a result of the special genes they carry. Also, the unique voice quality is controlled by a gene (Na) located near the center of chromosome 3.
This trait lowers its body temperature,increases weight gain and feed conversion rate. And to give him enough feathers.

What are the characteristics of naked-neck chickens? 

Let's take a look at the characteristics of bare-necked chickens that make them different. 

1. Neckless chickens have fewer feathers than any other type of chicken:
This unique bird is about 50% smaller than other types of chicken.
Their necks, vent and bum are empty. In fact, this resemblance to monkeys makes them different from other species,

2. Chickens with not quite egg- ceptional:

You can expect bare-neck chickens to produce plenty of eggs for sale and consumption.
They represent 180 eggs per year. Which does not make it a perfect model for laying eggs.

3. They are good for good meat production:
This type of chicken is meaty and easy to raise and handle because it has smaller feathers than other chickens. The meat produced by bare neck chicken is known for its sweet taste and excellent taste.

 4. Bare-neck chicken is a good foragers:
The naked neck chickens are known to be happy free ranger and good foragers

This means that they like to seek for their own food.
 If given free hands, they will chew your grass.

 5. They are better than chicken:
Although they appear weak at first glance due to the condition of their necks, this does not mean that they are sick birds. In addition, these birds do not get chickenpox.

6. Bare-necked chickens are hardy birds:
These birds can withstand harsh weather conditions despite the small collection of their feathers.
They do well in harsh and hot climates. But they are not very good in winter.
They require the highest level of care during these climate changes even if they do not complain about it. 

7. They come in various beautiful forms:
Despite the striking appearance of this unique bird, it comes in many popular colors. These colors include: black, white, red, buff, blue and cuckoo.

8. It is easy to tell male and female bare-necked chickens apart.
It is very easy to tell a rooster from a hen when it comes to naked neck chickens. In fact, a red rooster's neck is red while the bare hen's neck is pinkish white.

9. They are friendly birds:

Naked neck chickens are very sweet and friendly.
This makes him a good researcher for pets. They can also make great backyard chickens.
Additionally, they can mix and socialize with other chickens/species. 

10. A chicken with a naked neck has difficulty flying:
This type of chicken with half the feathers of other species cannot fly. They do not try to fly because it is difficult for them to do so.

A table summarizing information on Bare Neck breed information.

Skin color                        Yellow

 Egg color                       Brown 

Comb  type                       Single

Setter/Broody                    No 

Especially docile               Yes

Use                                     dual-purpose breed

Cold hardiness                   Hardy in winter

Conservation status           not at risk 

Heat tolerance                   very heat tolerant

Personality                        friendly,docile

Country of origin              Transylvania.

Standard                            Naked neck

Advantages of naked neck chicken?
Are these ugly birds suitable for farming? Well, you may not know until you find out!!!

1. They have very tasty meat:

naked chickens are excellent meat birds with excellent flavor.
Therefore, they are good for the table purposes.  And because they have little feathers, they are easy to process.
This makes it ideal for business purposes.

 2. Naked nake chicken are decent egg layers:

 These birds will give you good eggs. They do not lay eggs compared to the Australorps in Cochin. They usually provide enough food for cooking and baking.

3. They are exceptional brooders and mothers:

 These unique birds can make excellent brooder chickens.
 In addition, they are able to raise their children well. They are also known to tolerate other types of chickens.
 Like Cochin chicken. 

4. Bare-neck chickens do well in hot weather condition:
 Because of their unusual feather arrangement, they can do well in hot weather. Therefore, if you live in a hot climate, it would be good for you to consider this bird.

5. They come in large sizes:
If you really have a flair for big chicken, then the bare neck chicken is for you.
 Chickens with naked necks are big chickens. 

6. Naturally, they have a good nutritional conversion ratio:

Bare neck chickens have a high feed conversion ratio. A high feed rate refers to how efficiently the chicken converts its feed into the desired yield.

So, if you really want to see the effect of your feed on your chickens, then bare neck chickens are the best choice.

Disadvantages of naked neck chicken

What are the disadvantages of having a free standing chicken? Do you want to know why this chicken is not good for your farm?
Here are some things that may discourage you from getting this type of chicken. 

1. They are not used for ornamental purposes
Because of their ugly appearance, naked neck chickens are not used to decorate the house. They can't go to the show!!!

2. They cannot sit on many eggs

 Because naked neck chickens have half a feather, they cannot sit on multiple eggs. 

3. The naked neck chicken cannot withstand long and severe winter conditions.

Although naked chickens can survive cold weather, their lack of feathers do not allows them to retain internal heat.
 This makes them unable to withstand long, severe winter conditions, making them unsuitable for cold regions. Frequently asked questions about bare neck chickens 

How long do naked chickens live? 

Naked neck chickens are known to have an average lifespan of about 7 to 8 years if properly cared for.


Therefore, you will quickly believe me that bare neck chickens are a really amazing and unique species, although they have smaller wings than other types of chickens. Seeing the beautiful nature of this unique bird, we can safely conclude that it is very good for poultry farming.


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