How to grow strawberries in pots

 How to grow strawberries in pots

If you have a small garden space, you may not think that you can grow strawberries at all. Think again, because strawberries are one of the best plants to grow in small spaces and they will do well in containers and in the garden. To learn how to plant strawberries in a pot, follow the simple steps and use the growing tips below to produce fruits that make you smile.
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Why grow strawberries in pots?

 Strawberries are small plants with short root systems, making them ideal for growing in containers. 

However, there are some reasons why you should store strawberries in pots, including:
 Small space:

Growing strawberries in pots can save you a lot of space. In fact, potted strawberries are small enough to be placed on balconies and small plots in the countryside.


 Strawberries are attractive plants that grow very attractive with cascading growth habit that looks enhancing in hanging basket.

 Poor soil:

 Strawberries prefer rich and well-drained soil and potting is a good solution for gardens with poor or hot soil. 


As much as we love strawberries, many animals and insects love them too! Birds, slugs and rodents often seek fruit, but are less likely to cause problems with container plants.


Growing strawberries in pots will give you more options for where you can keep your plants. In fact, you can keep a seed pot near your door to make harvesting easier. 


When to plant strawberries in pots
You can grow strawberries from strawberry crowns without roots or from potted plant starts from your local plant nursery.

 Strawberry crown are generally more reserved; however, they will take some time to develop and emerge from the leaves. Strawberry crowns and nursery should be planted outdoors in March or April, when the temperature is warm enough for the soil to begin to develop.

Choosing the best strawberry pot
Many different pots, grow bags, baskets and planters will work for strawberries. The important thing is that you choose a bag with many water holes. Because strawberries have a short root system, they don't need deep pots, but wide pots can allow them to spread and send runners.
Ideally, choose a pot that is at least eight inches wide and 10 to 12 inches wide, which can hold between 2 or 3 strawberry plants. If you are working with a small growing space, you may also consider planting strawberries upright. Strawberry pots, hanging baskets and vertical towers can accommodate strawberries and are a smart way to pack more plants in a balcony or open garden. 

The best strawberry varieties for pots

How to grow strawberries in pots

Strawberries are generally divided into three main types and all three types of strawberries will grow well in pots. All you have to do is choose the type of strawberry you like.

  • Evergreen strawberries generally have small berries, but they will produce fruits of berries in the early and late season.

  • Day neutral Strawberries are usually grown during the day, but they provide about three harvests in June, mid-July and August. 
  • June strawberries produce large, delicious fruit at one time in June, but they will not produce again until the following year. However, harvesting all your fruit at the same time can be beneficial for canning and preserving.

 How to plant strawberries in pots
When you're ready to plant strawberries, follow these simple steps to create your own delicious fruit.

1. Prepare your pot:
After choosing your growing pot, fill your pot almost completely with rich, well-draining potting soil. Avoid using garden soil for growing strawberries, because it can be too dense and compact in the pot and will not drain well. 

2. Plant your strawberries:
Next, find your strawberry crown. it is the part of the tree where the root and the stem meet. Plant your strawberries so that the crown is above the soil, then firmly firm the soil around the plant's roots. Don't cover the crown.

3. Apply mulch:

 Once your plants are in their pots, add a small amount of grass or other mulch to the top of your soil line. Although it is not very necessary, it will keep your fruit clean and reduce the water needs of your plant.

 4. Water them in:

Finally, give your new strawberries a good cup of water to help them settle into their new container, then care for them as usual. You should start to see new growth and leaves develop within the next few days or weeks.

How to care for strawberry plants in pots
Potted strawberries are relatively easy to care for, and they have similar maintenance needs garden-potted strawberries.

 Follow these tips to increase your strawberry yields and grow better plants:


Strawberries grow best in full sun, so make sure your plants get at least 6 hours of bright sunlight each day.


 Potted plants tend to dry out quickly, especially if you grow in small pots. Check your strawberries regularly and water them when the top 1 to 2 inches of soil is dry to the touch. Watering once or twice a week is sufficient for these plants.

Strawberries will produce more fruit and grow better with regular application of good fertilizer. Liquid and organic fertilizers from kelp or fish emulsion are good options and can be applied every 3 to 4 weeks during the growing season. 


Propagating potted strawberry

 Strawberries are short-lived fruits and they produce very little fruit and begin to die after 3 to 4 years. However, you can make your crop more productive by planting strawberry runners. 

Runners are young strawberry plants that appear at the end of a long stem that will grow from the parent. Runners on your plants should be cut off and discarded in the first year to encourage your strawberries to grow. And after that, you can plant your strawberry runners and grow even more strawberries.


 Because they are so delicious, many pests love to eat strawberries almost as much as we do! Although growing strawberries in containers can reduce pest activity, some pests may try to eat your fruit.

 Common strawberry diseases include:

  • Slugs and snails are common strawberry pests, but they can be prevented by keeping strawberry plants such as chives nearby.
  • Birds also love to peck at strawberries, and you can protect your plant from feeding beaks by covering it with a floating line cover.

When and how to harvest potted strawberries 

 Strawberries are ready to be picked about 4 to 6 weeks after ripening. Choose only bright red fruits and take about every 2 to 3 days to encourage your plant to produce even more. 

When picking strawberries, avoid pulling on the branches of your tree, which can damage them. Instead, cut the berries into thin slices. Then, store your strawberries well and use them as soon as possible for the best flavor.

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