9 ways to open a bottle when you don't have a bottle opener

 9 ways to open a bottle when you don't have a bottle opener

Is there anything more frustrating than being in a situation where the only thing between you and a refreshing bottle of beer is a stiff crown cap - and there's no opener in  sight? What if you are having a picnic with your friends and you realize that you forgot to bring a bottle opener to open the cap of that sparkling water bottle? Or, you can have a wine bottle that is closed with a crown stopper instead of a corkscrew - if you don't have a good bottle opener, well, a corkscrew just won't help. will not help you. For times like this, you need to have a plan for opening a bottle without a bottle opener.
We have compiled proven methods recommended by drinking experts. They all use things you already have. These party hacks will save the day when you find yourself without a bottle opener (and will make you a good person!). As smart as these techniques are, remember to use common sense and caution when trying them.

Use kitchen cutlery
When in doubt, raid the cutlery drawer. Here are three smart ways to open that tough hole:

  • fork

First, you can grab a fork and insert one of its tines under the cap, slowly working it back and forth until the cap comes off.

  • A spoon

You can also hold the bottle tightly with one hand, placing your hand as close to the lid as possible. Next, use the back of a spoon as a pry bar to loosen and remove the cap.

  •  Butter knife

If the spoon is wide for the bottle and you can't use a fork, try using the tip of a butter knife under the cap, and with a little leverage you will remove it quickly.

  • Ring

There's a saying in the wine industry that it takes a lot of beer to make good wine, I f you are using a steel fashion ring on your finger. It's modern, elegant, and you can hook the top of the cap under the ring and open it quickly with a lever in your hand.



This method is good when you are traveling or in other environments where there are no utensils or tools. It uses something we all have most of the time: 
Here's how to do it: 

Hold the beer bottle with your non-dominant hand and, with the other hand, insert the long end of the wrench under the cap.

 Turn the key up to create some initiai looseness in the cap. 

Turn the bottle slightly and repeat this turning action. Continue doing this until the cap is loose enough to slide the tip of the wrench underneath, allowing you to release the cap effortlessly and enjoy your drink. 

With a lot of skill, determination and practice, you can master this technique.

Dollar bills

Whoever said "cash is king" must have considered this famous advice. A simple folded charge is more powerful than you think:

  • Fold the dollar bill in half vertically, then fold it as tightly as possible.

  • Fold it in half again, making sure the folded side is still secure.
  • Using your strong hand, place the folded face under the cap and apply upward pressure. This move will leave the hat unscathed (and earn you praise from your teammates). 

 Another bottle

In this beautiful system, the beer bottle, with its cap, works as a moon bottle opener. Most beer bottles at home are twist off, and if you have to open one that isn't, just use another bottle of beer. Hold a strong beer in your main hand and hold the second bottle down in the other hand. Use the upside-down bottle cap to act as a bottle opener and lift one side up. By cleverly using leverage, you will remove the cap from the second bottle, which will to be creative and effective: the way to achieve it.enjoy your drink.



 If you have a simple lighter, it provides a simple and easy way to open your bottle.
 Place the top of the bottle neck between the thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand. In your ruling hand, hold the lighter in your hand. With your finger facing the bottom edge of the lighter, place it under the edge of the bottle cap. With just a quick flick of the wrist, the torch will provide the power necessary to remove the bottle cap.
This process may take more than one try, but you have to stick with it. This process will be easy next to the bonfire, at the end of a long trip, after you cut the grass, when it's your second beer, or with good friends.

 Home appliances

 When you need a bottle opener, turn to your trusty toolbox. With the right tools on hand, like a flathead screwdriver or a claw hammer, you're well on your way to enjoying a bottled IPA.

Flathead screwdriver

 Insert the professional end of the flathead screwdriver under the lip of the cap and, using a small amount of torque, twist and turn until the cap begins to loosen and finally pops out.

Claw hammer
Turn the hammer upside down and place a fork under the cap. Apply a little upward pressure to lift the cap, you'll open it up. 

What you should not do

 This may seem obvious, but don't try using your teeth. "I've seen people try this, you can break or break a tooth or cut your mouth open. With all the methods we've tried, it's important to be careful, use common sense, and make sure you handle the bottle properly before attempting to open it.
Now you have the knowledge to open a bottle without a bottle cap and ensure a good time at every meeting. Was this page useful to you?

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