9 things you should not put in the air fryer

9 things you should not put in the air fryer

Air fryers are known for creating the texture of fried food without oil or mess. They can also cook frozen chicken and tater tots faster than in the oven or microwave. Once you start air frying, the possibilities seem endless: roasted vegetables, heat leftovers, and even cook fish. Although the air fryer does its heavy lifting in the kitchen, there are some foods you should avoid putting in the air fryer.

1. Sugary items
This may go without saying, but don't put cotton candy (aka fairy floss, aka spun sugar) in your air fryer. Or sour gummy candy. Or whole subway sandwiches, a game of Boggle or an Apple Watch. Eventually, sugary foods will melt and burn. They are not made for the air fryer, so stop trying to make these soft.

2. Foods are high in fat

According to Cosori, Amazon's best air fryer maker, no matter what you're cooking, don't put more than a tablespoon of oil in your air fryer. Consensus when it comes to oil: don't do it. Let the air do the frying.

Popular YouTube channels Mashed and Fabulelessly Frugal note that olive oil is not safe for air fryers due to its low smoke point. Instead, choose oils with a higher smoke point, such as canola, vegetable, peanut, avocado or grapeseed oil. Fabulelessly Frugal recommends using your master or a sprayer when adding oil, noting that chemical additives or thickeners are hardeners in cooking cans. "causing problems with the inner lining from the air fryer basket". However, Cosori's manual is not without problems. and commercial sprays.

 Too much grease and oil can also damage the air fryer, which brings us to bacon. There are no air fryer manuals that sell well that discourage putting bacon in a basket. But many users advise against it because of excess grease that dirty the basket. Meat requires a bit of cleaning, so as long as you're not allergic to elbow grease, go for it!
Dash, the creator of the #2 Amazon bestseller, advises not to put "high-fat foods, such as sausages, in the air fryer" and advises that if you see smoke, check to catch n 'hands and food do not touch. heating element.

 3. Water the dough
The manual for Amazon's best-selling air fryer, the Instant Pot Vortex, says: “In the Bake Only cycle, you can use a metal or glass baking dish to hold things like cake batter. and bread flour. If your food container is an oven, it is also a good fryer, if it fits in a basket. Avoid processed foods, such as corn dogs, unless they are frozen. Covering any food in liquid batter and putting it in an air fryer is not safe, even for the Air Fryer Guy. Bread, like fish sticks, is very acceptable.


4. Dried spices

 Mashed's YouTube video argues against using dry pepper mixes because they are roasted. This can be tricky if the spices are, well, spicy! Think cough party. But they point out that you can make them stick with less oil.

5. Liners, such as wax paper or paper towels

 Non-sticky products include using wax paper and paper towels to line the basket. They will burn! But foil is fine as long as it doesn't block the air. fryer roasted chicken

6. Grains, such as rice or popcorn

 Many grains, including rice, do not cook well in an air fryer. You'll need something extra to hold the rice, and the water won't be hot enough, Mashed said. Air fryers reach 400ºF, which is not hot enough to pop everyone's favorite food (or sometimes dinner): popcorn. Stick to your usual routine.

7. Cheese
Melting cheese is hard to resist, whether on pasta or sandwiches. Cheese can cause problems in the air fryer if it melts too quickly. You'll probably end up with a cheese puddle at the bottom of the basket instead of a gooey taste in your food. This Air Fryer mozzarella sticks recipe offers a solution: put the cheese on two types of bread and freeze before air frying.


 8. Liquids
An air fryer basket may lead you to believe that food can swim in sauce, boil, braise, or poach, but that is not the case. Liquids produce vapors that can damage furnaces. The water will spray when the wind blows on it and make drying difficult.
9. loose leafy greens
Avoid adding spinach, kale, and any leafy greens to the air fryer. Air blows over the surface of the fire in the basket, resulting in uneven cooking. Green vegetables can stick to hot and cold things. Save yourself the mess and stick to lighter vegetables that won't blow, like Air Fryer Crispy Cauliflower.

While it may seem like an air fryer can do it all, there are some things it can't handle. Save yourself the trouble (and maybe the money for a new air fryer) and plan to cook these meals on the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave.
Relatedly, there are some things you should not do with your air fryer. One is a dehydrating diet. Although the Vortex brand recommends using an air fryer such as fruits or vegetables, Mashed does not recommend it because the size of the basket prevents it from circulating air around what you are cooking. -makes the water hot, making it an inconsistent final product. . Of course, you can try it, but you might be better off using this method in the oven. Secondly, you should not cover your air fryer, as this can slow down the cooking time or cause the food to cook incorrectly. 

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