How to Freeze and thaw Pumpkin Pie (Step by Step)

 How to Freeze and thaw Pumpkin Pie (Step by Step)

Pumpkin pie is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and has a unique flavor and sweet taste with a soft texture.

Although it is associated with fall and winter, you can enjoy it at any time. Also, many people love it, and the recipe for this dessert has been around for generations.

Freezing is important for preserving and reducing food waste. Not to mention you still have dessert to enjoy, even if it's not pumpkin season anymore.

Let's learn how to properly freeze pumpkin pie. Preparing pumpkin pie for the freezing

Can you freeze pumpkin pie after baking? Yes, but there are things to consider before you put your fresh pie in the freezer. Although it's easy, there are things you can do before freezing to protect your pumpkin pie from the freezer.

 Note the following:

 1 - Let your pumpkin pie cool completely

Your pumpkin spears will need three hours to cool completely after baking. There are quick ways to cool the pie, like using a fan when you put it on a rack.

You might think that since the freezer can cool the pie, you should put it in right after it is baked.
You're right. However, freezing hot pie will cause ice to form, which can affect the flavor and texture when it melts.


2- Wrap the bread in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer

Make sure the pumpkin pie is covered with plastic wrap before placing it in the freezer. This will prevent any leaks that could cause contamination or damage to the quality of your pumpkin pie.

3 – Label the pumpkin and put it in the freezer

To quickly find out what's in your freezer, label everything. Naming is important because if you've frozen a lot of items, it can be hard to tell which one is your pumpkin pie.
In addition to the name, it is best to write the date of creation of the pumpkin on the label, to make it easier to identify its shelf life. Once you've met these pre-freezing requirements, it's time to freeze your pumpkin pie!

Freezing the pumpkin pie

You can freeze your pumpkin pie at or below 0°F (-18°C). It's also important to consider how long pumpkin pie can be refrigerated before it's safe to eat. Pumpkin pies can be refrigerated for up to a month without losing flavor or quality.
So, is pumpkin pie frozen for more than a month bad? Not really, but their taste and texture will be worse. So, consider this when storing your spears in your freezer. Therefore, store your pie in your freezer for less than a month to enjoy the taste and, more importantly, to make it healthy for you and your family to eat.

Can you freeze pumpkin slices?

 Of course! It is best to slice the pumpkin pie before freezing. In this way, you will not want to thaw, reheat and eat the whole dish, when all you need is one meal. Plus, slicing your pumpkin pie ahead of time also makes it easier to reheat later. That's because you won't have to wait long for a piece of pumpkin pie. 

You will be enjoying your treat in no time!

Can store-bought pumpkin pie be frozen?

Yes, you can store or freeze store-bought pumpkin pie as long as you follow the refrigeration instructions on the product label. Either way, it doesn't matter if the bread is homemade or store bought since you can freeze everything.
However, production and expiration dates are two things you should consider when storing store-bought pumpkin pie. 

Thawing frozen pumpkin pie
When thawing your pumpkin pie, it's important to keep timing in mind.
Here is the golden rule:
Move your pie from your freezer to your refrigerator about 12 hours before serving. Why 12 hours? Because that's just how long it takes to melt pumpkin pie. Therefore, you should start defrosting your pumpkin pie a day before the event when you will serve it.
Below, you'll find a step-by-step process for baking pumpkin pie and the best tips for doing it right. 


1 - Remove the foil and plastic wrap
Remove your pumpkin pie from the freezer and remove any wrapping you may have used, such as foil or plastic wrap.
Once done, you will transfer the cake to the refrigerator to defrost. 

2 - Transfer the pumpkin pie from the freezer to the refrigerator

The refrigerator is the only place to thaw frozen pumpkin pie.
It is advisable to transfer the pie for 12 hours or a day when you plan to eat it. This gives you plenty of time to defrost the pastry without rushing.
Be sure to place the cake on a flat shelf and do not put anything on it while it is thaw. Wait 12 hours.

3 – Take the pie out of the refrigerator as soon as it is completely thawed

Check that the pie is completely thawed. Take it out of the fridge and bring it to room temperature.
Always defrost the pie gently to avoid dripping or curdling which can soften the crust. 

But let's say you find water droplets on your pie. What would be the wisest course of action? You can do two things:

Clean or cover the surface with cream powder.

How to reheat frozen pumpkin pie 

Warming or reheating the pumpkin pie comes next after thawing. And this can only happen after successfully following the defrosting process .
Once that's done, here's how to repurpose frozen pumpkin pie.

 1 – Place the pie in a microwave-safe baking dish
Do not microwave your pumkin pie in any dish other than a microwave safe dish. Some of you may want to cut up some pumpkin pies and put them on a dessert plate, which should be fine.

 2 - Microwave for 10 to 30 seconds
Put the pie in the microwave and keep it at 350℉ for 10 to 30 seconds. Most do it for 15 seconds, but it always depends on the size of your pie. Therefore, if this is the first time microwaving pumpkin pie, it is important to try and know the time.

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