What is the difference between a convection oven and an air fryer?

 What is the difference between a convection oven and an air fryer?

 Convection oven have been around for decades when the air fryer hit the market in 2010. Since then, the air fryer has become a must-have for home cooks. Although they have become a popular way to cook and eat when you are short on time, all of them regardless of your oven, many people who connect to the convection oven they have tried do well for the same purpose the body.
Here are the similarities and differences between convection ovens and air fryers. You've got an air fryer: here are the instructions to do first

How does a convection oven work?

Because they can cook food more accurately and faster than traditional ovens (no stirring required), convection ovens have become a staple for chefs, bakers, and even serious home chefs for many years.

In a convection oven, the air is heated by a heating element, and the food is cooked differently because of the way the air moves (hot air rises and cold and - down). Convection ovens also use an exhaust system to remove air and a fan to help circulate air in the oven

Most ovens at your local grocery store come with convection settings, allowing you to switch between conventional and convection cooking. By activating this function, the fan and fan start to spread the oven heat around your food. This temperature is usually dry, making the cooking time about 25% faster compared to the oven. 


How an Air Fryer Works
Air fryers circulate hot air around your food in the same way that convection ovens do: They are powered by a small fan, except in smaller spaces. These countertop appliances are suitable for small kitchens and heat up quickly. A tray or basket with holes where your food goes can be easily removed without the need for oven mitts, and it helps circulate air quickly, reducing cooking time. Since the air fryer is small, you need to make sure that your food is not full in the basket, so that the air can circulate freely and cook your food well, at the same time and quickly.

 The difference between ovens and air fryers
The main difference between these two devices is their size. A convection oven can cook larger meals at once than an air fryer, which can handle smaller portions and requires more cooking. 

Here are some other differences to keep in mind:

  • Air fryers and convection ovens distribute hot air around your food, but the air in the air fryer circulates quickly because it is a small appliance with a small cooking area. distribute the air.

  •  An air fryer has a fan on top of the unit, and food on a tray below. The back of the oven is equipped with a heat shield.

  • Air fryers and convection ovens need cleaning, but your air fryer needs more regular cleaning than your oven. 
  • There are some things that are not recommended in an air fryer, such as too much olive oil or dry spices, but are fine in a convection oven. Because the food in the air fryer is close to the fan that circulates and thus heats up, olive oil, which has a lower smoke point than most other oils, can burn. Being close to the fan can also cause dry ingredients to be thrown away and not stick to the food, making the end result less tasty.

  •  These battered foods do not work well in a convection oven or air fryer.

Convection ovens and air fryers share more similarities than differences. Both of these appliances distribute hot air around the food, enabling convection cooking or perfect cooking.

As air fryers become more popular, accessories and attachments become available, such as liners, racks, donut pans and more. And if you use your convection oven or a toaster oven, you probably already have pans to use.


 When to use an air fryer instead of an oven

 If you cook many dishes at the same time, the convection oven is the perfect solution! Cook your favorite vegetable dishes, cook stews, pizzas and, of course, treat it like cakes and cookies.
Since convection cooking is faster than boiling, be sure to adjust your temperature carefully.

 How to convert oven temperatures for convectional cooking

When changing the cooking time and temperature of the oven method for using an air fryer or a convection oven, reduce the recommended temperature by 25 °C and reduce the cooking time by 20% to 25%. Just make sure your air fryer or convection oven is fully preheated before you put your food in it, and keep an eye on it to make sure nothing is over or under cooked.


Air fryers and convection ovens are similar appliances. Both work by using a fan to circulate hot air, providing even more food, usually efficiently. The main difference is size. Because air fryers are small, they heat up quickly and at high temperatures. If you are cooking for one or two people or you don't want to cook in batches, use an air fryer. And if you're cooking for a crowd, it's easy and simple to use a convection oven. You can also use an air fryer and a convection oven in tandem. At dinner time, try the Salmon Air-Fryer in the air fryer while cooking a meal of roasted vegetables in a pan and a convection oven.

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