10 kitchen must have that are perfect for small spaces

10 kitchen must have that are perfect for small spaces

You can have the kitchen of your dreams: two islands, ample storage, and a large Sub-Zero fridge. But you'll likely settle for a kitchen that only has a fraction of the space you dream of. If so, you'll probably be making the most of the limited space you have.
Fortunately, there are a variety of products (many of which are designed for small spaces) that can help you get the most out of a compact kitchen. Whether you're lacking counter space, storage space, or both, these products will help you maximize your square footage without sacrificing style or functionality. From wall-mounted food dispensers to dish racks above your sink, these space-saving solutions won't transform your space into a dream kitchen, but they can prevent it from becoming a nightmare.

1. Drying rack that rests above your sink

Drying rack that rests above your sink

If you don't have a lot of counter space, consider purchasing a drying rack that can sit above your sink. Once you wash the dishes, you don't take any chance to dry them. Look for a garage that has holes so that water can drain into the water below.

2. Compact coffee maker 

Compact coffee maker


You can find a coffee maker that is less than five inches in diameter. Look for one that is slim and compact that will fit in between other appliances without taking up too much space on your counter.

3. Set of nesting mixing bowls
A combination of bowls is important for anyone who bakes or cooks, but finding space for (at least) half a dozen different bowls is not an easy task if you only have a small house. Invest in a mixing bowl that fits inside each other.

4. Magnetic knife holder

While keeping a nice block on display can make you feel like a professional chef, there's no doubt that it also takes up valuable counter space. However, since a good knife arrangement is an important kitchen, you need to find a way to store your knife. Why not on the wall? A wall-mounted magnetic knife holder keeps all your knives organized and in place.


5. Wall mounted food dispensers

Another wall mounted item that is great for a small kitchen? A vending machine. Of course, you can keep food storage containers in your pantry or kitchen cupboard, but if space is limited, the solution is to hang them on the wall. Store them in dry goods that you use frequently (think pet food, pasta, dried beans and rice) to ensure they are really useful. Pro tip: If you have kids, fill one of the cereal dispensers so your little ones can help themselves to breakfast. 

6. Expandable cabinet shelves 

Most kitchens usually have vertical space, but they could use more horizontal space. If you're on this boat, get an extendable shelf that fits inside your kitchen cabinets and adds surface area. This gives you an extra row to work with, so you can safely store plates or glasses while freeing up space in your cupboards.

7. Nesting food storage containers

 Mixing bowls is not the only thing that can be done together! There are also many nesting food storage boxes, which means you can store about six boxes (or more) in one large container. If you often find yourself with leftovers or prefer to prepare your meals several days in advance, something like this is essential.

8. Floating wine glass rack
Wine glasses are beautiful to look at, but thanks to their wide surface, they often require more storage space than regular glasses. If you don't have room for a lot of red and white glasses (not to mention a large champagne flute), try buying a rack that can be attached to your basement. This way, you can store glasses and face without taking up valuable space in your cabinet or in your wine cart. Easy access glasses are an added bonus.


9. Tiered spice rack
Every kitchen needs one kitchen appliance. Consider introducing your collection to a spice rack that can fit in your pantry or kitchen cupboard. Not only will all your groceries be in one place, but they will take up less space. 

10. Hanging pot and Pan Rack

Pots and pans may be bulky, but you definitely need these essentials in the kitchen. If you don't have the storage space to store all (or some) of your pots and pans, invest in a hanging rack that can be mounted on the wall near your stove. Most racks come with multiple hooks and some have built-in shelves for added storage space.

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