10 proven ways to sell your broilers faster

 10 proven ways to sell your broilers faster

When selling your broilers, you must explore all possible channels, you do not depend on one channel, otherwise you can get stuck. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, you should always prioritize marketing over production - do not underestimate the power of marketing. 

In this article, I am going to share with you 10 proven ways to sell and trade your broilers.

1. Get the expected weight of your broilers:

Getting the expected weight of your broiler chicken is the first step you must take from day one to ensure a profitable sale. Your broilers must meet your customers' expectations in terms of weight, size and cleanliness.
If your broiler chicken is healthy, with good weight and size, it can attract your customer from your competitor in your farm. This is one of my secrets for selling my broilers quickly. Customers love clean and beautiful chickens, regardless of their size.
To achieve the expected weight, it is important to know what the expected weight is. In this case, you will need a chart of expected broiler weight each week to enable you to follow the progress of your broilers growth, as well as a good management system, medicine and feed and plenty of clean water.
Additionally, be sure to use the genetic strength (fast growth rate) of your broilers in the first 7 days for optimal growth. And again, to cover your nails, make sure you change your litter regularly to get perfect white feathers in your broiler with the help of a comb and red wattle, which will melt the hearts of customers you.

2. Find your target market and customers before production:

Putting production first before marketing is a common mistake among small or backyard farmers, especially when producing broilers. Launching a product without first finding a potential buyer in the market is a decision that will leave you stuck. Keep in mind that broilers are fast-growing chickens. 

Be sure to find your market with your customers and buyers before starting any production. You can go to school, hotel, restaurant, etc. Tell them what you want and tell them why they should buy from you.
These should be based on your background checks and what your customer may prefer: some may prefer tender meat while others may prefer firm, mature meat. Just make sure your reason and offer are interesting and attractive to seal the deal.
However, not every business will work, but I promise that you are flexible, one day they will call you. I have seen this happen many times.


 3. Market and sell your broiler chickens through social media.
There is no doubt that social media is the fastest way to sell and sell your product or brand in the 21st century. The number of people using social media every day is increasing exponentially. Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.5 million social media users worldwide. This amounts to approximately 45% of the current population. (Emarsys, 2019). So tell me, why should you be left? Why not join the bandwagon and take advantage of the endless opportunities that social media offers. Its installation is small, you don't need to pay a lot to use it.
All you need is a phone, and you can easily get one for just ₦20,000 ($53). Then register on many social media management like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsup, Linkedin, etc.
Social media is growing in influence and effectiveness, and statistics show that 54% of social networks

browsers use social media to search for products. (Globalwebindex, 2019). Many consumers are involved in social media and are looking for research and advice. This is yet another reason to have an online presence on social media platforms. The goal is to find out which social media marketing your target market uses most and plan how to get the most out of it.

4. Process your broiler chickens and sell them

 If you have the resources and the labor, you will get more profit when you raise and sell your broiler chickens. This method is useful in situations where you cannot find a reliable buyer and cannot continue to feed your broiler. However, processing it is not enough, you need to tell people about it.
Carefully take pictures of your finished chicken, make videos and post them on social media, you will be surprised at the results and responses you will receive.
5. Take advantage of the festive season:
If you are a small farmer, an office worker or a trader, this system is for you. Of course, as an employee or a trader, you may not have enough time to market your products as a full-time poultry farmer to make a profit, but you can to celebrate the end of the year such as Christmas, Easter, Sallah, etc.
Because during the holidays, demand is usually high and buyers are fast, even in your area, you can find buyers for your broilers very quickly. All you have to do is order your broiler chicks 2 to 3 months before the holidays. If you are good at breeding, you can breed old chicks or better yet breed chicks that are 3 weeks old if you have not trained before. Also, tell your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends, tell them about your poultry business, you will be surprised how much they will support you.

6. Use middlemen to sell your broilers:

If you want to sell your chicken quickly, use middlemen, but they get a lot of profit. Middlemen buy in bulk and may sell to consumers or other middlemen such as wholesalers. On the other hand, if you want to make more profit, you can have your own store where you can sell directly to customers.
7. Selling on e-commerce platforms.
This is another way to increase your online presence since marketing is going digital now. An ecommerce platform is a third-party marketplace where anything can be sold. However, there is competition, especially for products that fit into certain categories, even if the type of chicken is expensive.

 An e-commerce platform is a good way to sell your broilers if you don't have a big start-up budget. Their membership is free and they earn their money by keeping a certain percentage of every transaction.
One thing you are going to enjoy about this site is the traffic that these big platforms used to have and take advantage of any payment protection policies, technical research or medical services that may be offered.

Who doesn't like home delivery services? this saves a lot of time and energy. Certain types of people need such work. You need to find them and present your plan. Give them a reason why they need your work, I tell you, if you do your job well, it will be difficult for them to reject your plan. Most of these people are too busy to go shopping, and they will be happy to have you serve them. Examples of such people are bankers, civil servants, businessmen and women, of course, whose offices are far from the market and find going to market stressful. You can extend your services to disabled or sick people who cannot go to the market to buy chicken. 


 9. Give free products to activists and charities
This system is suitable for established farmers. This method always works. This is one of my best ways to reach potential customers. Sometimes, you can offer free products to people who are involved in your agricultural sector, such as a traditional leader, director, manager, etc. You can also show charity in places with less opportunities like orphanages, sick and poor, schools, etc. These members will speak highly of your good behavior, which will indirectly increase the visibility of your business. Do this and watch your business grow.

 10. Sell your broiler chickens in a large market

Don't limit yourself to your local market. Most of the time, the customers in your area will want your chicken below the market price and eventually you will feel sorry and forced to sell.
Therefore, to avoid such a situation, you need to look for a bigger market than your offer, so even 1-5% of the market you buy from you should be able to get enough profit.


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