The 12 worst foods in your fridge

The 12 worst foods in your fridge

Moldy leftover chili might not be the only thing you have to throw away. There may be a secret products in your fridge hiding empty calories, trans fats and lots of sugar. You can help yourself make better choices if you keep these foods in your refrigerator and freezer.

  • Flavored yogurt

 Strawberry, blueberry, vanilla - a 6-ounce serving of this flavored yogurt contains three times the sugar of regular yogurt. Try full-fat yogurt with fresh fruit and vegetables. You'll get less sugar, more fiber and more nutrients. And full-fat yogurt helps suppress hunger more than fat-free yogurt — and it can help you lose weight.

  • Mayonnaise

 One tablespoon contains 93.8 calories. One cup of Dijon mustard contains about 15 ounces, although you'll need to use less. It's tempting to touch the sandwich if it's in the fridge, so skip the mayonnaise. Save the mustard.


  • Flavored non dairy creamer

 It is well prepared and contains sugar or flavorings. Ingredients may include corn syrup, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, mono- and diglycerides, and sodium stearoyl lactylate. Just use milk - you know what that is. 

  • Soda

 There is no surprise here. It is full of empty calories, and has almost no nutritional value. Give it to him: you can't drink it if it's not there. For something else, try seltzer and a little lemon for flavor. 

  • Hot dogs

 Long-term processed meat (by curing or smoking, for example) has been linked to colorectal cancer and possibly stomach cancer. This includes, among others, hot dogs, ham, sausage and corned beef.

  •  Tonic water

 It's also flavored with quinine, which gives tonic water its unique flavor and to the tune of 124 calories per 12-ounce bottle, almost the same as cola. If you use it as a mixer, try soda and lime instead: it works better and has fewer calories.

  • Gourmet ice creams

 You know what we're talking about: cheap, flavored, lots of fat and sugar - usually more than twice as much as other ice creams. The best option is plain yogurt with fresh fruit and granola. But if you just want ice cream, check the fat and sugar content and choose a brand that keeps them low.

  • cream salad dressing

 It's usually a lot of fat. And while it's low in fat, it's often high in sugar, salt, or artificial sweeteners — and full of things you can't name. It's easy to dress your own salad with nothing more than olive oil, sea salt and a touch of wine - simple and delicious. 

  • frozen french fries  

Don't confuse yourself by putting these sweet, fatty, and high-calorie snacks in the freezer next to frozen vegetables. Let's be honest: if fries are there, there is no question of choosing vegetables. 

  • Pickles  

 Most grocery stores pickles are full of salt. But cucumbers, which are made from pickles, are good for you. They contain a lot of water, which can help keep you hydrated. They also contain antioxidants and help reduce inflammation. Why not buy them new? If you want a little more spice, mix them with a little vinegar. You can add salt, but not too much.


  • Frozen pizza

 One frozen pizza is high in calories (1,920 in the "6-serving" pizza version), saturated fat (30 grams), and sodium (5,040 milligrams). Instead, keep fruit, vegetables and soups in your freezer: your heart - and your gut - will thank you.

  • Beer

 If you like to drink beer after work, you can get some health benefits from it, so it's worth keeping it. But if it's easy for you to drop a 6 pack during a football game, don't try it. Besides empty calories, this amount of alcohol is linked to many health problems. And hangover.


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