17 Common kitchen mistakes people make in cooking all the time

17 Common kitchen mistakes people make in cooking all the time

Everyone approaches cooking differently. Some people prepare their meals every night, while others rely on practical tips and pre-packaged ingredients. When you consider the unique flavors, foods and cooking methods used around the world, the differences are striking. 

Whether it's good to eat or open a can of soup. But there are some things that are wrong. We've seen some of these mistakes in other kitchens, and we admit we've made them ourselves. Many of these mistakes can be attributed to neglect, hard-to-break habits, or old wives' tales. But we can say for sure that there are a few kitchen accidents that should never happen again.

 We've rounded up the 17 worst mistakes you can make when cooking. So, the next time you go to the grocery store or turn on your oven, you can make a good (and safe) choice. Are there other mistakes we haven't included in this list? Let us know in the comments! 

1. Not prepping ingredients before cooking
It may seem like it's better to chop vegetables and measure ingredients while cooking, but in reality, it's the opposite. You end up with a messier kitchen and higher pressure levels. Take the time to chop your vegetables before lighting the fire, please.

2. Storing tomatoes in the fridge
Have you ever complained about eating tomatoes? Well, if you keep them in the fridge, it's your fault. Winter changes the shape of your tomatoes dramatically. Stop it. 


3. Stirring frequently
If you want to get a browned finish on meat and vegetables, the best way to achieve this is to just let them cook on their own. Constantly stirring your food in the pan reduces the adhesion of each piece to the pan and makes your food sad. We ask you: leave your food alone. 

4. Crowding your pan

All foods contain water that escapes during cooking. Leaving enough space between each page allows the water to evaporate easily. But when you put a lot of things in the pot right away, the water drops, and your food comes out of the water. It's not sweet. s

5. Cooking the steak immediately from the fridge
You need to give your meat a chance to reach the room before it burns. Extreme temperature changes from cold to hot can damage meat proteins and make your steak tough and undercooked.

6. Storing raw meat on the top shelf of your fridge
There's nothing more delicious than the juices from the marinated meat dripping onto your fresh vegetables. Place it on the bottom shelf and place it on a plate or tray.

7. Wash the tomatoes as soon as you get back from the store.

Yes, tomatoes need to be washed. But you just have to wash them right before eating. Even though you're removing visible dirt, you're introducing too much moisture that will quickly spoil your fruit.

8 Add oil to your pasta water

Salt is essential for every pot of pasta. On the other hand, oil is completely useless. This prevents your noodles from sticking together. All of this ends up coming down to water making you wasteful.

9. Use a dull knife

 A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife. Trying to cut tomatoes with the wrong knife increases the risk of injury.

 10. Not cleaning the debris in your drawers and cabinets

Just because you can't see them when the door is closed doesn't mean they aren't there. Eating is common in every kitchen, but not washing it is a big cooking mistake. It's like inviting mice and bugs into your home. 

11. Not labeling and dating your leftover

Don't risk eating expired food. Don't let your leftovers turn into moldy, mystery meals. Keep a roll of masking tape in your kitchen and apply only one day. If it has been in the refrigerator for more than four days, throw it away. 


12. Buying ground black pepper

Spices contain aromatic oils that begin to disperse as soon as they are crushed, and black pepper is no different. Pre-ground products in the spice aisle have no flavor on the shelf. After being in your kitchen for months or even years, it's like eating ashes.

13. Grinding your own salt

Salt is a mineral, which means that it does not lose its flavor when it is salted. Your salt machine may look great, but it does nothing but make your life more difficult. J

14. Using iodized salt
If you follow a recipe only to end up tasting like a salt bomb, check the fine print. Many salt are very salty. They are not flexible and can completely ruin your dinner plans if you are not careful.

15. Not using an oven thermometer

Sorry to tell you, but the built-in thermometer in your oven doesn't work (even if you recently bought a nice one). They are always wrong, from a few degrees to a huge difference. To avoid these mistakes, invest in a separate thermometer to keep inside your oven. 

16. Buying pre-shredded cheese
When you're making a batch of homemade pizza or planning a taco night, it's easy to find a bag of shredded cheese at your local grocery store. But each one is covered with cellulose to prevent the shreds from sticking together. It's like NBD, but it tastes like sawdust that ruins the texture when melted. Sure, it's good, but what does it cost?

17. Not washing your oven mitts
Oven mitts aren't as useful as dish towels, but that doesn't make them any less. Spills and stains are inevitable and should be washed from time to time. Not only does it look bad, but it also runs the risk of spreading germs to your food. 

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