5 Gardening mistakes almost everyone makes

5 Gardening mistakes almost everyone makes

It's easy to have a passion for gardening. After all, while it takes a lot of work, it is also incredibly rewarding. But growing a garden, whether ornamental plants, flowers or vegetables, takes months. Therefore, if you make a mistake, you can miss another time, which can be frustrating.

 By learning some of the most common gardening mistakes, you'll be less likely to make them. Here are five farming mistakes almost everyone makes and how to avoid them.

  • Planting trees too close together

Planting tree too close together means there won't be enough room for growth. We all know logically that crops grow and most of us read the labels when we buy them, but there are still times when they are planted too close, leading to to prepare more time. Many trees want to grow to three or five feet tall and wide, but we plant them near or on the edge of the path, requiring pruning, weeding or maintenance.
When introducing a new plant to the garden, don't hesitate to use a tape measure or ruler to help you determine the right spot. Check the plant care tag and be confident that the plant will grow to its full width and height. 


  • Over planting different types of plants

 It's natural to be excited about your garden, but deciding what to plant can be difficult. However, Adding all those seeds to your cart doesn't make for a very attractive garden. Many different types of wood can be used artfully, but most of us prefer to choose a wood palette and use it in the garden. When you have a garden full of main characters or with many different colors, textures and shapes, it can often look messy or a little chaotic. 

Choosing five to 10 plants depending on the size of your garden and moving them around the window. They will stand out better when grouped together, especially from a distance, and make your landscape more clean and natural.

  •  Choose plants that grow quickly

 Sometimes it seems like growing your garden takes forever. But choosing fast-growing plants isn't the best long-term solution. While fast-growing plants are good for immediate or near-instant gratification since they tend to pack a lot of weight in their containers, they can be more trouble than they're worth. If you don't plan for them to fill capacity. We see customers opting for fast growing trees all the time, this often means you will need to do a lot of hedging to keep it in its place and at the scale you want.

  •  Overwatering or underwatering

 The right amount of water is crucial to the development of any plant. Underwatering can cause plants to become stressed. Know some of your plant's water needs and check the soil moisture before watering. The general rule is to water sparingly but deeply. This promotes deep root growth.


  • Excessive use of pesticides

While no one likes pests infesting their garden, overusing them with pesticides can cause other problems in the long run. Excessive use of chemicals can harm beneficial insects; this in turn leads to resistance to pests and affects plant and soil health. Instead, use organic and natural alternatives and focus on preventive measures such as planting crops and encouraging beneficial predators. 

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