Does cornstarch go bad?

 Does cornstarch go bad?

With proper storage, you can use this appliance for many years.
Corn starch is an important ingredient in many dishes,to help crisp meat, preventing pie crust from getting soggy as well as stews, sauces, pastries, gravies and others. And even then, you may find that you have corn starch in the back of your pantry for a while.
So, how long until corn starch expires? Can it be used to exceed the date written on the box? Here's everything you need to know about if (and when) corn goes bad and how to store it for as long as possible.

Does Cornstarch go bad?

Good news: Cornstarch is one of the baking staple that can last for many years and can't destroy. If the corn looks bad, it is usually because water or pests can get into it, and you will see it right away. It may have an unpleasant taste or flavor (think sour or "funky"), or an unpleasant color. 

Corn starch doesn't lose potency over time, so if your corn starch looks good and smells good, you're good enough to use it past the manufacturer's expiration date on the box.


How to store corn starch

 Like many other grains (such as wheat flour or grains such as quinoa), corn should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place to extend its life as long as possible. do. You should also make sure that it is in a closed container, as mice, insects and other insects can like corn starch.
In fact, many corn producers now sell corn in sealed plastic bags to help keep out insects or moisture. Therefore, continue to store your cereal in this bag or another sealed glass or plastic bag if you store your items in a suitable storage box.


How to use cornstarch

 Cornstarch is an ingredient you will use many times, especially in the fall, when it is used to make gravy, bread fillings, and other Thanksgiving dishes. 

You can use it as a better substitute for flour in recipes that use flour to thicken sauces or soups (think gravy, mac and cheese, and pot pies). You can cut the amount used in half if you use cornmeal instead of flour. To make it hard, you have to mix the cornmeal with the liquid you use (ie broth, juice, or melted butter) and let it release the starchy properties.
But you can also use corn starch for cleaning, the same way you would use baking soda. It is an effective deodorizer, which can be made into a gentle scrub to cure stains on pots and pans, and it is particularly effective at absorbing and removing grease stains.
Using it around the house will help you go through that container of cornstarch quickly. So you'll never have to worry about whether your cornstarch has gone bad. 

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