12 ways to boost your energy without sugar or coffee

12 ways to boost your energy without sugar or coffee

Afternoons can be tough, but eating sugar can backfire in the long run. Although they may give you an immediate boost, sweets will deplete your energy shortly after you eat them, leading to the dreaded sugar cravings. (Sugar also had negative impacts on sleeps).

Read on to find out how you can boost your energy without sugar so you can have an energetic and productive evening.

  • Move your body

One of your best choices is to move your body. A small amount of exercise has been shown to be more effective than caffeine in increasing energy levels in sleep-deprived people who are assigned to be female at birth.
So when you hit a wall, spend 10 minutes walking around the block, going up and down the stairs, or even finding a corner to do jumping jacks and push ups. You will return to the task at hand with more optimism and energy from within.

  • Use peppermint

Mint can be more than just freshen after lung breath. The survey has indicated that the smell of peppermint can minimize fatigue and pick up mental health. 

Try drinking glasses, keeps the same piece of paper or keeping the bottle of your table and makes it under your nose. (Essential oils can be strong, so you only need a small drop to get those invigorating effects.)

  •  Fuel with healthy fat

Fat has gotten a bad name, but there's more research into how fats—mono and polyunsaturated fats included—are beneficial for overall health. that will not fail you. Good sources of fat to eat at midday include avocados, macadamia nuts, or nut butter mixed with fruit. 


  • Power up with protein

Sometimes, even if lunch is only a few hours before, lack of energy in the afternoon can indicate that you need more food. This is especially true if you didn't sleep well the night before, had a strenuous workout in the morning, or are about to start your period. At times like these, a protein-rich meal will help you get through the day and give you sustained energy so you don't come to dinner ready to eat the whole house.
Eggplant, in particular, is full of B vitamins, which are important for energy production. Hard boil your own or try egg yolks for an easy-to-go option. Other healthy foods that contain protein are nuts and jerky.

  • Sip green tea

While it's not a good idea to drink a lot of caffeine during the day, small doses can provide just enough of a lift that won't get you through the night. So, what are your best options for a beverage that will rev you up the proper amount? A cup of green tea is a fantastic choice since it contains the compound L-Theanine, which helps promote relaxation and balances out caffeine jitters.

  •  Fill Up on Fiber

Eating high-fiber foods instead of sugary ones helps your body absorb carbohydrates at a slower rate and avoid the all-too-popular sugar crash. Add whole grains and fiber-rich vegetables to your lunch for increased energy. A good option for dinner for the afternoon is a banana or a glass of fresh raspberries to help increase your energy without affecting your evening.

  • Increase vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for proper nutrition. In particular, vitamin C, vitamin B, and magnesium can improve your energy. To get them in the diet, try to eat small fruits (cashews and almonds are good), small oranges, hard-boiled eggs, and add fish to your diet. 

  •  Drink water

Staying hydrated is important for many reasons, including our energy. Dehydration can affect your concentration and make you tired. In some cases fatigue is a sign of thirst.

Try to drink a glass of cold water when you are waiting for time, but make sure to drink the full day. If normal water is not your thing and to light nuts for sweet life and help you to increase your daily fluid.


  •  Eat breakfast

There is a reason why breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. After the fast all night, your body must refuel with essential nutrients. And skipping breakfast has been shown to affect cognitive function.
To help you stay alert throughout the day, try eating a healthy breakfast that contains protein, grains and fruits. Avocado toast is a great quick breakfast that will help fuel your day. Oatmeal or yogurt with fruit or granola are also great options.

  • Take a power nap

If you can, a power nap may be just what you need to help you get through the afternoon slump. Not only does sleep improve your mental and physical performance, it can also reduce stress and fatigue. How long does sleep last? Studies have shown that a 35- to 45-minute nap is a good length to prevent the effects of the day.

  • Munch on a power snack

We've mentioned how protein, healthy fats, and fiber all help boost energy. Combining all three in one nutritious meal is the perfect way to beat afternoon fatigue. Try making a snack of nut butter and crackers, yogurt and nuts, or cheese and nuts.

  • Take control of your mood

It's no wonder that stress is a big factor in your mood. But it can also affect your energy, making you tired mentally and physically. However, there are ways to fight those energy killer. Try these ways to reduce stress and increase energy levels.

Meditation: A quick meditation session can help your body relax; There are many meditation apps you can download to guide you. Or, you can take some time for yourself. 

Exercise: The benefits of exercise are many, including helping to reduce stress and increase energy. If you can't get in workout sessiont, try a quick stretch at your desk.

 Music: Listening to relaxing music is great for keeping your mind focused while you're working hard. Put on some headphones and start your favorite playlist. 

Reading: Taking time for yourself to read a good book is another way to relax. Try to read during the break from work or relax with your favorite magazine before your evening activities. 

Talk: Sometimes talking and expressing is the easiest way to reduce stress. Call a friend to get those stressful thoughts out of your head.

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