Can you eat expired eggs?

Eggs are an important part of many people's diets. Not only are they a source of vitamin A and folate (vitamin B-9, important for healthy cell growth), but they are also rich in protein. Maybe your family loves scrambled eggs during the week and omelets for Sunday brunch. If you bake, chances are you always have a carton of eggs in the fridge.
The incredibly versatile egg can be the star of the plate or it can act as a delicious extra (you can always just put an egg on top!), but sometimes life gets busy and just when you're going to use up the last of the eggs . , you notice that the expiration date indicated on the box has passed.

In this article we decide what exactly expiration date means and whether eggs are safe to eat. 

Is It Ok To Eat Expired Eggs?
After the expiration date has passed, you can expect the eggs to lose peak quality based on shelf-life studies and consumer test preferences. The sell-by date listed on eggs is similar to the sell-by date on dairy products - the main purpose is to give consumers the best deal. 

What does expiration date on the carton of eggs mean?

Expiration date is actually the sell-by date-or, the day that the eggs should leave the grocery store before the quality begins to decline. But there is no magic delay after the date of sale. Eggs producers and researchers of eggs generally say 4 to 5 weeks if they are detained in the refrigerator below 41F. Eggs stored at room temperature, however, will decline at a much faster rate. 


How To Tell If Your Eggs Have Gone Bad

While you can safely enjoy eggs well beyond the date listed on the carton—they don’t get less safe over time if they are refrigerated. There is the possibility of salmonella enteriditis, which is contamination that happens inside the egg, meaning there’s nothing you can do in terms of storage and consumption that will be able to prevent this.
And although the old eggs, even those that past date on the carton, can suffer from bad quality (smell and taste), they can be eaten or used to make bread. As the egg get old, the yolk or white of the egg may not hold its shape and run faster than expected. However, it is not a question of safety but of convenience.

For best results with your fried or poached eggs (that is, any dish where the egg is an essential part of the meal), opt for the freshest eggs possible. But if you go out of town or forget a box sitting in the back of your fridge, know that these will be perfect for your next batch of chocolate chip cookies or pancakes. 

How long do hard-boiled eggs last?

During boiling, the natural protective layer of the eggshell removed, opening the pores. This makes it possible for harmful bacteria from the outside to enter and contaminate the egg. Therefore, you should eat your cooked eggs as soon as possible. If you are not going to eat them straight away, cool them quickly, store them in the fridge and eat them within 2 days.


How to handle eggs safely?

Finally, and before cooking your eggs, make sure that you will be following good hygiene practices, because microorganisms may still be present on the shell, contaminating foods, hands, utensils and surfaces: wash your hands properly, clean the work area and keep the eggs away from other foods.

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